Vertical Sterilizer

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Vertical Sterilizer

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  • Vertical Sterilizer - Q series
Vertical Sterilizer
Model - Q series
Vertical Steam Autoclave
Q series
  • Safety valve and emergency exhaust valve for safety usage.
  • Widely used in dental, aesthetic, veterinary, laboratory, foods factory, biotechnology and medical fields. 

  • With high-temperature steam and high pressure, steam autoclave makes sterilization of microorganisms like bacterial spores, mold spores and other viruses.

【General Sterilization Process】
  • HeatingThe temperature and pressure reached the sterilization standard, timing, alarm, pressure relief, open the chamber door while the pressure meter indicates zero and turn off.

  • IEC/EN 60601-1-2

  • Q46-Φ30x66cm/ 46Litre/ 57Lx46Wx80H/ 75KG
  • Q63-Φ35x66cm/ 63Litre/ 63Lx51Wx80H/ 85KG
  • Q82-Φ40x66cm/ 82Litre/ 71Lx57Wx85H/ 95KG

Voltage: 220V
Current: 20A
Heater: 4000W
Temperature: 121~127°C
Pressure: up to 1.5kg/cm2
Q series
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