Disposable Dental Examination Kit

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Disposable Dental Examination Kit

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  • Disposable Dental Examination Kit - DDI3
Disposable Dental Examination Kit
Model - DDI3
Disposable dental instrument examination kit

You can even quickly check the teeth at home!
It is easy to check the inside of the teeth and the area where it is not easily visible.
The disposable packaging is sterilised and ready to use.
No need to worry about cross-infection.

Mirror: It helps to check areas that are not easily observed to prevent and control tooth decay and periodontal disease.
By examining and noticing the condition of the teeth and gums, tooth decay, mouth inflammation and gum inflammation can be detected immediately or early.

Explorer: A small, pointed probe designed to help identify the fissures on teeth.

Forceps: Help with food debris that is difficult to remove with a toothbrush or floss.


This product is not sterile once it has been unpacked.
Please refer to the instructions before use.
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